Dear fire Family,

It is with a mix of deep sadness and gratitude that I write to you today. After an incredible 20 years at Shaker Square, I have made the most difficult decision of my career, which is to close fire permanently.

The exceptional team and customers that we have cultivated over the years compounded the difficulty of this decision. No restaurant in Cleveland has enjoyed the loyal, passionate, caring customer base that we have since day one. You became – and will remain – our fire family.

It was impossible to predict the challenges this pandemic would bring. Initially, we had every intention of working to preserve fire. As time revealed more information, it became increasingly clear that it would not be feasible to reopen and offer the quality and experience that our customers have come to expect. More importantly, the restrictive nature of operating in this new environment stood to compromise our unique culture – one of personal connection and sharing our love of food with you. fire is a community, and without that connection, we are not the same restaurant.

Thank you for trusting us time and again with your celebrations, important meetings, and milestones. You made fire a dining destination and it has been an honor to serve you for so many wonderful years.

Rest assured, this is not goodbye.  The spark that was fire will continue to provide energy for not only our current operations such as Zhug and Chimi but for new creative endeavors that await. We can’t wait to see you again.

With deepest gratitude and appreciation for your support and friendship,

Douglas Katz

P.S. – The fire food and drink Facebook page will remain live for the time being.  We encourage you to visit the page and share your memories and photos!

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